MARINETTE COUNTY: VanDeWalle Farm Manure Storage


To provide cost-sharing for installation of best management practices to remediate violations of the agricultural performance standards, including direct runoff from a feedlot and manure storage facility into waters of the state, unconfined manure piles in a WQMA, and unlimited livestock access to waters of the state.


The BARNY model for the barnyard estimates a 100.3 pound delivery of phosphorous to the environment. Cattle are maintained on a feedlot whose runoff flows to Bundy Creek. A ditch serves as a direct conduit to the creek. The creek lies 300 feet to the east of the feedlot. Bundy Creek joins Trout Creek and drains to the Peshtigo River. All clean water on the site will be diverted to avoid contact with animal waste.


All of the practices listed in the application were installed. The barnyard and related practices have resulted in a "zero runoff system." Clean water is now routed to completely avoid areas that contain manure. All manure laden water flows off the barnyard in to the manure storage facility or to the reception tank.

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