Wisconsin AOC BUI Project Tracking Database


The Office of Great Waters (OGW) has oversight responsibilities for the five Great Lakes Areas of Concern (AOCs) within Wisconsin. The program needed a more efficient mechanism to track progress towards addressing sources of impairments within Wisconsin’s Areas of Concerns and developed an AOC BUI Project Tracking Database (AOC Tracking DB) and associated user interface to address these needs. It was launched in the fall of 2015 and used to generate AOC Matrix Tables for 2015 updates to the Remedial Action Plans for each AOC. As the AOC Coordinators and other staff used the AOC Tracking DB, they provided comments back on the usability and overall user friendliness of the application. This feedback has been essential in evaluating how we might improve overall efficiency for staff. We will use this feedback to develop a list of functional enhancements to address with our contractor during regular meetings that will greatly improve the AOC Tracking Database.


The proposed scope of work for the consultant includes: • Develop Standardized Reports: Conduct assessment of reports, spreadsheets, and other outreach materials that would rely on output from the application. Currently the application has a single export function for results from user queries. This has served as a basic report but does not fully meet program staff needs for standardized reports such as the AOC Matrix Tables. • Evaluate User Comments and Develop list of Enhanced Functional Requirements: Evaluate user comments from updates and changes to the database which were rolled out to users in and upgraded version of the database in fall 2016 and determine what functional changes are needed to address them. In addition, the AOC LAMP/AOC Policy Coordinator needs specific queries that have not yet been implemented. The contractor will develop, with the assistance of OGL staff, a list of enhancements to the application and prioritize with AOC LAMP and AOC Policy Coordinator and other staff as needed. Enhancements will be implemented based off priority of functional needs as budget allows.

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