Barkers Island Beach Restoration Project - Design


Barkers Island Inner Beach is a recreational area owned by the City of Superior. It has been routinely sampled for E. coli during the beach season over the past decade and data suggest that a number of E. coli sources influence the water quality at the beach. Restoration of the beach and recreational area is needed to mitigate potential E. coli sources and contribute to beneficial use impairment (BUI) removal and is listed as project 7.04 in the SLR Remedial Action Plan. A number of potential pathogen sources have been identified including: stormwater runoff, waterfowl and gulls, trash and debris, and pets.


This project will be implemented through an Aid Agreement between WDNR and the City of Superior to design a beach restoration project at Barkers Island Inner beach. The design will utilize existing sanitary survey, merit report and pathogen data to mitigate potential E. coli sources that are contributing to human health concerns. The design will incorporate community input and utilize low impact design principals to achieve greater infiltration and storm water treatment at the beach. The design may incorporate buffer strips, infiltration swales, pervious pavers, removal of impervious surfaces, beach nourishment, trash and debris management and increased signage. A design team will be formed that represents local stakeholders and BUI technical team members. A monitoring and maintenance plan will be developed during the design. A biddable design will be produced and implementation will be pursued during the 2018 construction season with the schedule considering local events that utilize the beach.

Study Design

Project planning will begin in July and design contracts should be in place by August of 2017 to allow for adequate time to develop the restoration design. A project team meeting should be called early in the process to begin a conceptual design. If possible, the project design should complement the Barkers Island Inn hotel parking lot re-design and efficiencies may be achieved if construction schedules can be aligned. Two public meetings will be held in 2017. Draft construction estimates by February 1, 2018 for submittal of implementation funding proposal and completion of the design by March 31, 2018. The 10 year monitoring and maintenance plan will be completed by June 30, 2018 to allow for adequate development after the final restoration design is completed.

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