Nine Key Element Plan (9KE Plan) Development in Lower Fox River Basin


The Nine Key Element Plans (9KE Plans) will be developed by the Outagamie County Land Conservation Department for the Lower East River sub-watershed and the Bower Creek sub-watersheds (approximately HUC 12 watersheds), which are located within the Lower Fox River Basin, Brown County, Wisconsin. Development of Nine Key Element Plans (9KE Plans) in the Lower Fox River Basin is identified as a necessary action for the 2015 draft Eutrophication and Undesirable algae BUI; however, funding for the development of the 9KE Plans is limited.


Local land and water conservation departments will prepare two 9KE Plans that are consistent with the Lower Fox River TMDL for the Lower East River and Bower Creek subwatersheds. Outagamie County Land & Water Conservation Department staff is experienced with the preparation of 9KE Plans and providing supplemental funds to develop additional 9KE plans will free up other grant funds for implementation in other, high loading subwatersheds. Both of the sub-watersheds contain both an urban portion and rural portion. The project will involve collecting inventory data from the field for nonpoint source pollution control, as well as collecting and utilizing existing data to develop the 9KE Plans. The 9KE Plans when completed, will be sent to EPA’s Nonpoint Source Program (Section 319 of Clean Water Act) staff for review and approval. Once approved, the goal is to utilize the plan to obtain funding for and guide project implementation.

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