Howards Bay Sediment Sampling 2017


Dredged material from the Howards Bay GLLA project is proposed to be used to improve the cover on the closed Wisconsin Point Landfill. Material being used in the cover needs to meet site-specific chemical criteria for direct contact recreation. A review of available monitoring data during public outreach efforts revealed that results for some compounds (namely PAHs) were not available for several dredge units. The collection and chemical analysis of sediments from these units is needed to determine if the material to be removed meets placement criteria. Work to be done in cooperation with the U.S. EPA, U.S. ACE, City of Superior, Fraser Shipyards and their contractors. DNR expenses will count as match under the project agreement for the FS/RD work and will minimize the need for sediment bonding monies for the design phase of the project. Sediment core samples will be collected by the U.S. EPA contractor from the R/V Mudpuppy II. EPA will oversee sample collection efforts. DNR will assist in preparation of the project QAPP/FSP, field work, and processing of sediment samples for analysis. DNR will cover the costs associated with laboratory analysis of the samples, sample shipment, miscellaneous supplies, and travel expenses for 1 to 3 staff for 2 field days. The number of DNR staff needed for field work depends if cores will be processed onboard the sampling vessel or on shore. U.S. ACE, City of Superior and Fraser will assist with preparation and review of planning documents and interpretation of results and other tasks as able. Fraser may also provide a secure berthing space for the sampling vessel.


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