UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON: Effects of 2,4-D Herbicides on Native WI Fish Early Life Stages


The Board of Regents - UW System is sponsoring a grant application that will study the effects of commercially available aquatic herbicides on common Wisconsin gamefish and non-game species. The following experiments will take place: 1) Embryos and larvae of fish species will be exposed to a commercial 2,4-D herbicide formulation or pure 2,4-D compound (following methods from the previous study). 2) Juvenile fish will be exposed to a commercial 2,4-D formulation and levels of various biochemical parameters will be monitored to develop biomarkers that can be used to assess non-lethal effects. 3) Fathead minnows and larvae will be exposed to several concentrations of commercial fluridone formulation. Goals of study are to test: (i) whether survival is decreased in early life stages of Wisconsin fish species with exposure to common aquatic herbicide formulations, (ii) whether biochemical parameters will be altered in juvenile Wisconsin fish species exposed to a common aquatic 2,4-D herbicide formulation, and iii) whether impacts of 2,4-D formulations on early life stages of fish will be similar to the impacts of pure 2,4-D compound. The proposed studies will happen with oversight of the Department liaison. Biannual check-in meetings will be held with and progress reports will be presented to Department staff. The first check-in meeting will take place before the project work begins. Results will be shared at professional meetings & published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. In addition, a short management brief, summarizing study findings for the general public, will be developed in collaboration with the Department. The final project report will include results, conclusions of studies and any project data in electronic format. It is recommended that the Grantee provide the DNR liaison with a draft report prior to requesting final payment.

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