MCKENZIE LAKES ASSOCIATION: Big McKenzie Lk Zebra Mussel Project


McKenzie Lakes Association is sponsoring a multi-year project to respond to a recently-discovered Zebra Mussel population in Big McKenzie Lake. The lake group will work in partnership with the management team. Activities include monitoring; watercraft inspection and decontamination; and information and education activities. Deliverables include monitoring data entry and results; I & E materials and a final progress report/summary. Special Condition: WDNR may provide monitoring protocols. This scope summarizes the project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lake Coordinator.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Early Detection and Response
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In October of 2016 Zebra Mussels (ZM) were discovered on a removed section of dock on Big McKenzie (BM) in Washburn County. The DNR was notified and verified that it was a ZM. A DNR Rapid Response Grant for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) was applied for by the McKenzie Lakes Association (MLA) and was granted in April of 2017. The grant required the following activities by the MLA
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Grant AIRR21917 awarded