LAKE WAUSAU ASSN., INC.: Lake Wausau Aquatic Plant Study


Lake Wausau Association will complete an APM Plan update. This data collected will be part of a community based collaborative Lake Management Plan along with the Bathymetry Report, Habitat Report, Lake Capacity Report, Social Economic report and the Hydrodynamic modeling to be completed in 2017 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Project activities and deliverables include: 1) Two point-intercept (PI) surveys will be completed to measure aquatic plant community changes since 2012. The purpose is to document cover of CLP (June) and all other plant species (August). Surveys will follow the standard DNR PI sampling methods. 2) The LWA APM committee will hold 2 meeting to learn about the current aquatic plant community and management strategies. Pertinent municipalities and Domtar representatives will be invited to the meetings. 3) A DNR approved aquatic plant management plan will be developed including hardcopy and electronic formats with GIS shapefiles of proposed harvesting areas. Special conditions: The Lake Wausau Aquatic Plant report will be shared with stakeholder communities (City of Wausau, Schofield, Village of Rothschild, Town of Rib Mountain and Marathon County) and Lake Wausau Association at a biannual meeting. The plan will be available on the Lake Wausau Association website and results will be shared in quarterly newsletter and Facebook.

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