Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership Stewardship 2017


The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership (LNRP), Inc. is located in northeast and east central Wisconsin. The Lakeshore basin is defined by the Niagara escarpment and includes all of Door, Kewaunee, and Manitowoc Counties, as well as the eastern portions of Calument and Brown Counties, and the northeastern part of Sheboygan County. Its rivers, streams, and creeks all drain into Lake Michigan to the east and the bay of Green Bay to the west. The Lakeshore includes 12 watersheds covering 2650 square miles, 309 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, 193 miles of streams, 139 inland lakes, and many forested and wetland areas. The basin's larger river systems include the Ahnapee, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, East and West Twin Rivers, and the Sheboygan River. LNRP helps connect different watershed projects, river restoratins, and other partners efforts. LNRP works to diligently to maintain long-term relationships with regional networks and friend groups aligned with their goals.


This project will provide support for LNRP's Stewardship Fund. The LNRP Stewardship Fund is designed to support: - Internal investment: allocations to the operation of LNRP in the delivery of our vision, mission, operational goals, and purpose; - Partnership funds: allocations bundled with existing capacity and designed to further collaborative partnerships, stakeholder engagement, and membership development; - Community and project grants: allocations that fund stewardship-based Restore the Shore projects and activities with collaborative partners throughout the lakeshore. These grants will be the focus of funding from the Great Lakes Protection Fund.


LNRP expects to see each organization under the LNRP umbrella experience an increase in capacity: more volunteers, more members, and a higher level of public awareness regarding the efforts each organization undertakes to proect the waters of Lake Michigan. Additional groups will have the opportunity to initiate new stewardship, preservation, and "Restore the Shore" projects through Community Grant program funding. LNRP expects to see water quality improvements in all area watersheds. Increased systematic monitoring and data collection will allow us to advocate best management practices to reduce sediment and nutrient loads via discussions with the agricultural sector and state decision-makers. Invasive species removal, Phragmites in particular, will be the focus of several groups including the Little Manitowoc River Partnership, Friends of Hika Bay, and the Friends of the Twin Rivers. A full range of other aquatic and terrestrial species will be the focus of the four-county Lakeshore Invasive Species Management Area.

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