South Shore Beach Improvements


South Shore Park is a Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture (DPRC) facility located in the City of Milwaukee, the state’s most populous urban area. It is one of only three improved public access points along the Lake Michigan shoreline in the southern half of Milwaukee County. As such, it provides Lake Michigan recreational access to thousands of Southeast Wisconsin residents annually, including significant numbers of individuals with low-moderate incomes. Recreational amenities at the waterfront park include a swimming beach, an extensive set of children’s play equipment, a yacht club, and a fishing pier. In addition, the Oak Leaf Trail, a popular regional bike path, passes through the park.


This project will design and implement those aspects of the plan related to near-shore water quality improvements and addressing beach related BUIs to improve recreational opportunities. This would include changes to the beach and surrounding area to reduce beach closings. Extensive beach water quality data has been collected throughout the park by UWM School of Freshwater Sciences that will help guide the design process. Project implementation would be concurrent with the construction of other park improvements to yield cost savings. The DPRC has been working on the preparation of a master plan for the redevelopment of the waterfront areas of the park in an effort to better meet the needs of the waterfront users. Some of the improvements are designed to address near-shore water quality problems and to address BUIs within the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern at South Shore Park. Redevelopment targets include aging park facilities, failing infrastructure, and outdated design. Green infrastructure features will be integrated into the plan to the fullest extent possible to address near-shore water quality problems and beach closings. The DPRC has partnered with key stakeholders such as the UWM School of Freshwater Science, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), Fund for Lake Michigan, community organizations, and interested members of the public in the preparation of the master plan. The DPRC and its partners have been guided throughout the plan preparation effort by an extensive public education and public feedback process with stakeholders. The master plan was approved by the County Board, Parks, Energy and Environment Committee in December of 2014.


The following is a list of project tasks that must be completed along with the deliverables associated with each task. All work products must be approved by DNR and will be retained as property of DNR. All work deliverables should be submitted to the DNR Project Manager. Task 1: Review and compile existing data, identify gaps or outdated information, reassess as necessary. Information sources include, but are not limited to, existing water quality assessment and beach monitoring data as well as the beach relocation feasibility study completed in 2012. Prepare a basis of design report with concept(s) for beach improvements. The report should detail owner’s requirements as well as provide information that supports the concept of beach design and how it is the best fit to improve water quality. It is suggested that beach relocation be examined as an effective way to reduce beach closures. Task 2: Develop detailed engineered plans and specifications for beach improvements at South Shore Park. The plans will be developed in accordance with the Project Scope detailed in the above section and AOC program goals.Task 3: Prepare all applicable federal, state and local permit applications and gain regulatory approvals as required. Prepare materials and ensure compliance with National Historic Preservation Act, National Environmental Policy Act and Endangered Species Act. Task 4: Prepare and gain approval for a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for both design and construction from DNR and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Task 5: Carry out construction or implementation bidding. Task 6: Prepare and submit quarterly grant reports, quarterly invoices and a final report. Reports will be submitted January 1, March 1, July 1, and September 1. Task 7: Collaboration with project partners and stakeholders.

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