WASHBURN COUNTY: Washburn County AIS Project


Washburn County is sponsoring a multi-year countywide AIS project/position with an emphasis on zebra mussel response activities. The project will expand the coordinator roles and responsibilities to include serving as the lead local response efforts on at least one waterbody/year, if necessary. Activities include: AIS education/outreach; approved alternative watercraft inspection on McKenzie Lakes; purple loosestrife, Japanese knotweed, and yellow flag iris control/coordination; AIS monitoring, including early detection lakes; and CLMN, CBCW, and Project RED training. Project deliverables include the results of the monitoring, planning, control assistance, and education/outreach as described in the application, including all GIS-related data and files, and a project summary report. Special Conditions: The Department may specify other AIS monitoring methods, and all data should be entered into SWIMS. The specific objectives, metrics, and deliverables for the listed activities are included in the application and supporting materials, and this scope is not intended to replace or supersede those documents. The Department may request quarterly progress reports.

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