Pepin County Lakes Assessment


Thomson Lake and Silver Birch Lake are shallow lakes in the flood plain of the Lower Chippewa River, Pepin County. Chemistry samples from a 2016 Directed Lakes project show that both lakes clearly exceed phosphorus standards. The purpose of this project is to determine the factors influencing water quality and assess management decisions that may ameliorate them.


Phosphorus and chlorophyll sampling will include spring and fall turnover samples and twice monthly surface and bottom samples from June 1 to September 15. Limnological profiles will also be collected. Incidental samples will be collected upon flooding events. Aquatic plant surveys will be conducted in June 2017 as part of the directed lakes project. These surveys will help determine the possible role of curly-leaf pondweed in the nutrient budget. Fisheries data from 2016 will be examined to determine if the lakes are dominated by benthivores or piscivores and the role of common carp. There are willing partners in Pepin County and the Durand Sportsman’s Group. This project will fund time for meetings with partners to encourage a community based approach to the solutions.


Nutrient budget. Assessment of possible management decisions.

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