SWDV and WCV help guides and documentation


Collection of documents and other materials related to the Surface Water Data Viewer (SWDV) and Water Condition Viewer (WCV). These materials include help guides, release notes and videos.

Ben Kort for information on any Water Quality Viewers.

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Clean Water Act Program
Guidance, Procedures & Resources
Reports and Documents
Summary of updates to the WCV. Contact DNR Central office staff for training.
List of changes (changelog) of SWDV releases since 2016.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the Surface Water Data Viewer and Water Condition Viewer. This document can also be accessed directly from within the viewers, under the Additional Resources tab.
This user guide provides information on common tools and functions available in the Surface Water Data Viewer, including newly available functionality introduced with the latest version of the Geocortex software.
This document provides a detailed introduction to using the Surface Water Data Viewer (SWDV) web mapping application. It was developed specifically for volunteers participating in the Water Action Volunteers (WAV) program, but is a valuable reference for anyone interested in learning more about the SWDV.
Activities & Recommendations
Train DNR Staff on Data Access and Management
Training online for DNR biologists and water resources specialists.