Wisconsin River and Stream Natural Community Verification


Wisconsin river and stream natural community documentation work is stored in the WATERS database with links to fish survey data, modeled natural community results, and professional determinations of the NC based on standardized protocols and decision rules.

Natural Community Online Evaluation Tool
NC Verification App Backup
Wisconsin Online Fish IBI Calculator Tool
Spreadsheet Tool, 2017
Water Condition Viewer Link
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This project provides weblinks to documents, tools and decisions for Wisconsin DNR's technical review of river and stream natural community model decisions. The review protocol employs systematic procedures for station-specific data including fish assemblage, site characteristics, and routine procedures and storage methods for statewide consistency.

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Clean Water Act Program
Guidance, Procedures & Resources
Reports and Documents
Use this link to open the: Water Condition Viewer
NC Verification V6_3-23-2017 Current Template 2017
Natural Community Validation Steps December 2016, 2017
Document to provide guidance on correcting Natural Community model evaluations.
Identifying the correct natural community – Thermal Regime
Updating Wisconsin Streams Modeled Natural Community Review Decisions - List of Fish Surveys and Sequence Numbers
Fish Assemblage Natural Community Documentation Workbook Training - WQ Planning 2019
In the course of reviewing State and Tribal water quality standards (WQS), EPA has identified several issues pertaining to the establishment of site specific numeric criteria on the basis of natural background conditions. EPA is issuing this policy to provide greater clarity and direction for States and Tribes who are considering establishing site specific criteria equal to natural background conditions and for EPA Regional Offices reviewing State and Tribal water quality management programs.
Activities & Recommendations
Data analysis, report production
Wisconsin's natural community validations project