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The Stoughton Urban Service Area was first delineated in the early-1970s when the Dane County Regional Planning Commission originally adopted its first Land Use Plan. The first amendment to the Stoughton Service Area occurred in 1985 to delineate Environmental Corridors and ensure the SSA boundaries reflected the City’s adopted 1984 master plan. This amendment resulted in a net reduction of 450 acres. There has been a total of 9 amendments to this urban service area since its creation totaling 175 net acres of developable land and a net reduction of Environmental Corridor acres. Environmental Corridor in the SSA currently totals 848 acres. The most recent amendment of the service area by the City of Stoughton was recommended by the Commission and approved by the Wisconsin DNR in 2021.

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CARPC Stoughton USA SSA Plan
Reports and Documents
Stoughton USA Amendment Aug 2022 - CARPC WQML Magnolia Springs
Stoughton USA Amendment Aug 2022 - CARPC Staff Report Magnolia Springs
Stoughton USA Amendment Aug 2022 - Application - Magnolia Springs
Stoughton USA Amendment 2022 - CARPC WQML
Stoughton USA Amendment 2022 - CARPC Staff Report
Stoughton USA Amendment 2022 - Application
Stoughton SSA Amendment Administrative Decision 2021
Stoughton USA Amendment 2021 - CARPC WQM Letter
Stoughton USA Amendment 2021 - CARPC Staff Report
Stoughton_51 West Addition_USA Amendment_2021
Stoughton USA Amendment 2011 - DNR Approval DC-0145
Stoughton USA Amendment 2011 - CARPC Resolution 2011-5
Stoughton USA Amendment 2008 - DNR Approval DC-0125 Nordic Ridge
Stoughton USA Nordic Ridge Amendment 2008 WDNR Administrative Decision Letter (10/21/08)
Stoughton USA Amendment 2008 - CARPC Resolution 2008-18 Nordic Ridge
Stoughton USA Amendment 2006 - DNR Approval DC-0099
Stoughton USA Amendment 2004 - DNR Approval 2-4-2004
Activities & Recommendations
Sewer Service Area Planning
The City of Stoughton is requesting amendment to the Stoughton USA. The area is located at the northwestern corner of the City, abutting Town of Dunn, Town of Dunkirk, and Town of Rutland. The majority of the area is currently within the City. Three town islands currently exist in the amendment area: a roughly 1.5-acre parcel in the Town of Rutland and two parcels totaling around 14 acres in the Town of Dunkirk. The amendment area is split in half by USH 51. Existing land use is primarily agriculture, woodlands, other open lands, and single-family. Proposed land use to the east of USH 51 includes large-scale multi-family and duplex residential, open space/park, and stormwater management. Proposed uses immediately west of USH 51 include commercial and stormwater management, while large and small-scale multi-family residential, single-family residential, open space/park, and stormwater management uses are proposed further west.