BCPC WQM Plan 2016


The Brown County Planning Commission (BCPC) contract with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) for services to be provided as set forth in the work program. The program is itemized into three work elements, which are outlined in detail. The work elements include 1) Areawide Water Quality Management Planning/Sewerage Planning; 2) Erosion Control Plan Review and Enforcement; and 3) Storm Water Management Plan Review and Enforcement. BCPC is requesting funding for the three related elements as summarized in Attachment A. BCPC anticipates a total project cost of $60,875.09, of which BCPC is respectfully requesting $45,656.32 (75.0 percent) from the WDNR. Brown County will match the requested WDNR funds with $15,218.77 (25.0 percent) in local material, salary, and indirect expenditures as documented in Attachment A.

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Water Quality Planning
Sewer Service Area Plans
Reports and Documents
Brown County 2nd Quarter WDNR Water Quality Report 2016
Brown County Quarterly Report Quarter 3 2016 WQM Planning program
Brown County 2016 WDNR Water Quality Year End Report
2016 4th Quarter WDNR Water Quality Reimbursement Report including a grant deliverable summary at the end.
Brown County WQM Plan Quarter 4 2016 Report (Final) - closes out grant.
Brown County and WDNR signed 2016 WDNR Water Quality Grant Contract
2016 3rd Quarter WDNR Water Quality Report
BCPC's WQM Planning 2016 workplan
2016 work plan for BCPC.
BCPC WQM Planning 2016
Activities & Recommendations
Sewer Service Area Planning