Skinner Creek 303(d) Evaluation and Follow up monitoring


Skinner Creek was identified as having poor fish IBIs. Biologists noted degraded habitat caused by channelization and sediment deposition at a study site in 2016. This study will take a more comprehensive look at the fishery and habitat of the lower half of Skinner Creek to determine if it should be placed on the 303(d) list.


Determine if Skinner Creek should be placed on the state's 303(d) list for habitat impairment.


Fish and habitat assessments will be conducted on 4 sites on the lower 1/2 of Skinner Creek. Data will be entered into the FM database. A summary report will be written and entered into SWIMS and WATERS.

Study Design

Fish and quantitative habitat assessment will be conducted on 4 sites on lower Skinner Creek. The health of the fishery and habitat will be determined to see if the stream is impaired.

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