Dell Creek TWA 2017 - 2019 (Year 2)


Water quality biologist and interns will continue to monitor the status of streams in the Dell Creek 319 watershed for BMP evaluation. Monitoring will be completed by fall of 2017. The data will be used to determine whether streams are meeting attainable use, update watershed tables, ascertain agricultural BMP effectiveness, and update the watershed plan. This project will focus on monitoring the HUC10 (0707000319 ) which is the equivalent of the priority watershed delineations. This is a Section 319 project.


Information gathered for this project will be used to evaluate BMP effectiveness, update the watershed plan and stream narratives, and update information related to impaired waters listings and attainable use. The following streams will be monitored: Dell Cr. (WBIC: 1295200), Spring Brook (WBIC: 1295600), Hulburt Cr, (WBIC: 1298500), Unnamed tributary of Hulburt Cr. (WBIC: 1298810), Gilmore Cr. (WBIC: 1299800), Lyndon Cr. (WBIC: 1300700), Hotlander Cr. (WBIC: 1300800), Tracy Cr. (WBIC: 1300900). A total of 11 sites will be monitored.


Fish will be collected at 11 sites, qualitative habitat and flow will be collected at 10 sites, macroinvertebrates will be collected at eight sites, continuous temperature will be collected at eight sites, a baseline water chemistry collected at six sites, and a second year of six monthly phosphorus samples and diatom sampling will be collected from Dell Cr. near the mouth. All data will be entered into SWIMS and fisheries databases. Data will be summarized in watershed tables, and a watershed report will be completed by December 2019.

Study Design

Dell Cr. (WBIC: 1295200) one site collect fish, six monthly phosphorus samples, and diatoms. Collect fish, habitat, flow, temperature, macroinvertebrates and water chemistry from the following streams: Spring Brook (WBIC: 1295600) one site , Unnamed tributary of Hulburt Cr. (WBIC: 1298810) two sites, Gilmore Cr. (WBIC: 1299800) one site, Hotlander Cr. (WBIC: 1300800) one site, and Tracy Cr. (WBIC: 1300900) one site. Collect only fish, qualitative habitat and flow at two sites in Lyndon Cr. (WBIC: 1300700), and two sites in Hulburt Cr, (WBIC: 1298500), and collect temperature, macroinvertebrates from one site in each Lyndon and Hulburt Creeks. Note: Recent six monthly phosphorus samples were collected in Lyndon and Hulburt Creeks during the Wisconsin River TMDL.

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Many of Wisconsin’s water quality standards require multiple visits to make an impairment decision. Every year, several streams sites are monitored, and the field data collected during each visit is used to “flag” problem waters. The following year, follow up monitoring is conducted at sites where our data suggests that there might be an impairment, but we do not have the minimum data requirements to make an impairment decisions based on WisCALM guidance.
Monitoring Station Photo Dell Creek at CTH 23
Sauk County LWCD final report of BMP installation in Dell Cr. watershed
Dell Creek PWS Plan - Nine Key Element Plan
Sauk Co., entire length of creek NOT listed and approved in code NR102 as OERW, only segment 3 is listed as ERW
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