TEAL, LOST LAND & GHOST LAKES IMPROVMT ASSOC: Hybrid Eurasian Water Milfoil Control


The Teal, Lost Land & Ghost Lakes Improvement Association is sponsoring a two-year Response project to Hybrid Eurasian water milfoil in Lost Land Lake. Project deliverables include monitoring data and reports, and an aquatic plant management plan that meets the requirements of NR 198. Specific project activities include: 1) Pre-post treatment aquatic plant monitoring; 2) Whole lake plant survey; 3) Herbicide treatment; 4) Volunteer AIS monitoring; 5) Aquatic plant management plan development. Special Conditions: 1) WDNR\2019s Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin guidance shall be followed for point-intercept survey monitoring and aquatic plant management plan development. The NOR Native Plant Protection Strategy shall be integrated into the APM plan; 2) Sponsor shall contact DNR immediately if a new AIS is found; 3) AIS monitoring volunteers shall be trained and follow Citizen Lake Monitoring Network protocols. This scope summarizes the project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. Data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps, and digital images, must be submitted to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lakes Biologist.

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With approval by the Board of Directors of the Teal, Lost Land and Ghost Lakes Improvement Association, Inc. (popularly referred to as the Quiet Lakes Association or QLA), the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Committee has updated a Plan that was last revised in December, 2012. Despite several years of WDNR-funded boat-landing inspection, an invasive aquatic plant, Hybrid Eurasian Water Milfoil (HEWM), was discovered in Lost Land Lake during a 2013 survey by the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission. This was a big concern, because HEWM can dominate and displace native plants, eventually leading to impairment of habitat for fish, wildlife, and associated recreational activities. Since then, HEWM has spread within Lost Land Lake despite an attempt at chemical control in 2015. Our main purpose in updating this plan is to document the expanding distribution of HEWM and outline options for minimizing its impact and preventing its spread to Teal Lake, the Teal River Flowage, Ghost Lake, and other waters.
PI survey data for Ghost Lake.
PI survey data for Lost Land Lake.
PI survey data for Teal Lake.
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APM Chemical Permit Request
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