MINONG FLOWAGE ASSOCIATION: Minong Flowage 2016-2017 EWM Management Support Project


Minong Flowage Association is implementing their recently-approved 2016-2020 Aquatic Plant Management Plan. Project activities include: EWM control in DNR Boat Landing Bay; aquatic plant, including pre/post herbicide treatment and curlyleaf pondweed, purple loosestrife, and wild rice, monitoring; shoreland and woody habitat inventory; partnering with Swift Nature Camp on biological EWM control; substantial volunteer monitoring, education and outreach; and annual stakeholder meeting, survey, and management planning. Final deliverables include: summaries and reports of each grant activity, as described in the application, and submission of collected data, evaluation, and results, examples of education and outreach materials. This scope does not supersede or negate activities described in the grant application and proposal.

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