The Silver Lake Mgmt District is sponsoring an AIS control grant on Silver Lake, Waushara County. The goals of the project - control H-EWM populations on a lake-wide basis & enhance the likelihood of long-term control. Project activities include: Plan a whole-lake pelletized fluridone herbicide, conduct whole-lake herbicide treatment, conduct herbicide concentration monitoring, conduct native plant and HWM population monitoring, conduct (SAV) bio-volume monitoring, update Invasive Species Management Plan, conduct (CBCW) & increase resident volunteer monitoring activities. Project deliverables include: Submit annual - monitoring & control strategy assessment reports which include results of treatments & recommendations for future mgmt; annual summary of CBCW activities, Submit final report, to District Lake Coordinator, which details & compares all results, makes future mgmt. recommendations and summarizes stakeholder involvement activities. This scope summarizes the project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein.

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Big Silver Lake, Waushara County, is a seepage lake with a maximum depth of 48 feet and a mean depth of 21 feet. The lake area as determined through a heads-up digitization of the lake from a 2015 aerial photograph is approximately 360.3 acres. This mesotrophic lake has a relatively small watershed. Only when water levels are full pool does water exchange occur with Irogami Lake via a culvert under State Hwy 21. Four exotic species are known to exist in Silver Lake: banded mystery snail, curly leaf pondweed, Eurasian water milfoil, and zebra mussel. Genetic analysis confirms that the invasive milfoil population is comprised of both EWM and hybrid water milfoil. Subsequent discussion using "HWM" will represent the collective invasive milfoil population of Silver Lake unless specifically referenced otherwise.
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APM Chemical Treatment Record
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APM Chemical Permit Request
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