U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY - UPPER MIDWEST: Carbon Dioxide as a Non-Physical Deterrent to Round Goby


The United States Geological Survey is sponsoring a grant application that proposes to study the potential of dissolved CO2 to deter round goby movement and act as a non-physical barrier to the movement of this invasive species. This research is intended to help evaluate alternatives to preventing the movement of this species beyond the Menasha Lock and Dam and into Lake Winnebago. Experiments at the USGS Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center (UMESC) laboratory will test whether the movements of round goby are impacted by CO2 and determine the optimal concentration of CO2 needed to induce avoidance behavior using \201Cshuttlebox\201D systems. Additional experiments will then be conducted to determine if the efficacy of CO2 is impacted by different water temperatures and the availability of rocky benthic habitat. The proposed studies will happen with oversight of the Department Lakes Technical Team liaison. Biannual check-in meetings will be held and progress reports will be presented to the liaison. The first check-in meeting will take place before the project work begins. Results will be shared at professional meetings & published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The final report will include results, conclusions of studies and any project data in electronic format. It is recommended that the Grantee provide DNR liaison with a draft report prior to requesting final payment.

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