ARCHIBALD LAKE ASSOCIATION: Archibald Lake Management Plan


The Archibald Lake Association is sponsoring a project to develop a Comprehensive Lake Management Plan consistent with NR 198.43 for Archibald Lake in Oconto County. Project final deliverables include: 1)Water Quality and Watershed Analysis, 2)Fishery Data Compilation and Integration, 3)Shoreline Course Woody Habitat Assessment, 4)Aquatic/ Current Aquatic Plant Community Assessment, 5)Aquatic Invasive Aquatic Plant Surveys, 6) Completion of a WDNR \2013Approved Stakeholder Survey, 7)Public Participation in the Planning Process, 8)Clean Boats Clean Waters Specific project activities include: 1) Water quality using WisCALM comparisons 2) Watershed analysis completed primarily with WiLMS and predictive equations. 3) Fishery compilation and integration within management plan 4) Conduct Point Intercept survey consistent with DNR Protocol 30 5) Professional Zebra Mussel monitoring 6) Completion of WDNR-approved social survey using DNR protocol 7) Clean Boat Clean Water Inspections with a minimum of 200 hours per boat landing 8) Shoreline and course Woody Habitat Assessment per DNR protocol. Special Conditions: 1) CLMN efforts should not be duplicated and these data shall be included in the trends analysis and final reporting; 2) All data CBCW and CLMN shall be entered into the SWIMS database.

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