LONG LAKE PROT & REHAB DIST: Long Lake APM Plan Update & AIS Prevention & Monitoring


Long Lake P&R District is sponsoring a project to conduct AIS monitoring and update the APM plan for Long Lake. Project deliverables include GIS data & maps of areas monitored, aquatic plant survey results, examples of AIS education & outreach, volunteer AIS monitoring data in SWIMS, and an updated APM plan. Specific project activities include: 1) Spring and summer whole lake point intercept plant survey; 2) AIS education & monitoring; 3) Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APM) update. Special Conditions: 1) WDNR\2019s Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin guidance shall be followed for point-intercept survey monitoring and aquatic plant management plan development. The NOR Native Plant Protection Strategy shall be integrated into the APM plan; 2) Sponsor shall contact DNR immediately if a new AIS is found; 3) AIS monitoring personnel shall be trained and follow DNR approved protocols; 4) Education materials shall be consistent with the Department\2019s statewide education strategy for preventing and controlling AIS; 5) All monitoring and watercraft inspection data shall be entered into SWIMS. This scope summarizes the project detail provided in the application and does not negate tasks/deliverables described therein. The grant sponsor shall submit all data, records, and reports, including GIS-based maps and digital images, to the Department in a format specified by the regional Lakes Biologist.

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Reports and Documents
Approval of the amendment to the Long Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan.
Approval letter for APM at Long Lake in Polk County.
This Aquatic Plant Management Plan updates the 2012 Long Lake Aquatic Plant Management Plan through 2022. The strategies for controlling curly leaf pondweed, protecting native plant populations, preventing establishment of invasive species, and allowing navigation through aquatic plant beds were updated. The plan includes data about the plant community, watershed, and water quality of the lake. It also reviews the history of aquatic plant management on Long Lake.
PI survey for Long Lake in Polk County.
Long Lake (WBIC 2620600) is a 2,054 acre stratified drainage lake in central Polk County, Wisconsin in the Towns of Long Lake, Milltown, Georgetown, and Apple River (T34N R17W S10 NE NE). The lake reaches a maximum depth of 37ft north of Cedar Island in the western basin and has an average depth of 20ft (Hopke et al. 1964). Long Lake is mesotrophic bordering on eutrophic in nature, and water clarity is fair with historical summer Secchi readings averaging 6ft in East Long, 7ft in Little Long, and 8ft in the deep hole north of Cedar Island (WDNR 2016). Bottom substrate is variable with muck bottoms in most bays, and rock/sand bars in the Big and Little Narrows and around the lake’s many islands.
Long Lake (WBIC 2478200) is a 272 acre seepage lake in central Polk County, Wisconsin in the Town of Balsam Lake (T34N R17W S07 NE NE). It reaches a maximum depth of just over 17ft in the central basin and has an average depth of approximately 11ft (Busch et al. 1969) (Figure 1). Long Lake is eutrophic trending toward hypereutrophic, and visibility is generally poor with summer Secchi readings averaging 4.6ft since 1992 (WDNR 2016). The bottom substrate in the lake’s bays and central basin is predominately thick organic muck, while exposed points and most north/south shorelines are dominated by gravel and sand substrates.
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