Pike River Stream Crossing Inventory and Outreach 2016 - East_8_CMP16


Utilizing existing Stream Crossing Inspection Data forms and guidance (WDNR, TNC), assess existing fish passage barriers at all road and railroad crossings within the Pike River Watershed during field season 2016. Upon completion of survey, prioritize stream crossings by aquatic organism passage impediment and potential. In winter of 2016/2017, conduct outreach (with assistance of local partners Root-Pike WIN and Kenosha/Racine LWCDs) to local municipal public works departments, railroad line owners, Racine and Kenosha Highway Departments, SEWRPC, WDOT, and WDNR DOT liaisons regarding findings.


Aquatic organism passage within the Pike River Watershed in Kenosha County has been improving, with the two previously existing dams removed within the last 10 years. However, road and railroad crossings remain as aquatic organism passage impediments. A recently completed fish passage documentary by the Ozaukee County Fish Passage Program, funded through a WDNR River Planning Grant, presents an outreach opportunity to crossing infrastructure owners; which along with documented impediment data, may garner interest and prioritize repair/replacement of non-functioning crossings. The first objective of this project is to assess approximately 75 road crossings and 22 railroad crossings on the Pike River and tributaries for aquatic organism passage ability. Crossing assessment inventory protocols will be followed, including gps locational information, culvert and channel characteristics, and stream measurements. The second objective is to convey the findings of the inventory to local units of government, county and state government, SEWRPC, and railroad owners.


The project outcome will be a detailed inventory of the road and railroad crossings of the Pike River Watershed, detailing aquatic organism passage ability and replacement priority ranking. This inventory will be provided to infrastructure owners and regulators, SEWRPC, LCWDs, as well as the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network.

Study Design

All road and railroad crossings of the Pike River Watershed will be assessed utilizing the Nature Conservancy's Road/Stream Crossing Inspection Data Sheet and Instructions, or WDNR's Road Crossing Inventory Sheet.

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