Canadian Pacific Railway Spill Response (2016)


This is Canadian Pacific Railway spill response in Brownsville, MN. That is south of LaCrosse approximately opposite Stoddard in Vernon County, WI


SERTS ID: 20160126WC63-1 Reported: 01/26/2016 23:50 Occurred: 01/26/2016 22:30 NRC No.: 1139057 Reported by: MIKE ETHERINGTON CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY (612) 851-5740 Also RP Contact Location: WC REGION VERNON COUNTY BERGEN, TOWNSHIP OF CP RAILWAY MARQUETTE SUBDIV MP145 BROWNSVILLE, HOUSTON CNTY MN Responsible Party: CP RAILWAY 120 S SIXTH ST MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55402 Substance: VEGETABLE OIL [FOOD PRODUCT] (FOOD) Released Amt: UNKNOWN Recovered Amt: UNKNOWN Cause: TRAIN DERAILMENT OR ACCIDENT Cause Description: CAUSE UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME. Environmental Impact: ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT UNKNOWN AT THIS TIME. Weather: COLD Contractor: PINNACLE Submitted by: TOM KENDZIERSKI (715) 839-1604 Sent to:

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Targeted Monitoring
Response Monitoring
Reports and Documents
Results of ambient toxicity testing from the Mississippi River regarding the Canadian Pacific Railway spill.
Field data with GIS birds eye view
Pollution/Situation Report Canadian Pacific Brownsville Derailment - Removal Polrep
Activities & Recommendations
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