Tyler Forks TWA 2016 North CMP16 Kleist (Project 4)


This is an ongoing project in ts fifth year involving the collection of watershed data in the Tyler Forks, Upper Bad River and Potato River Watersheds.

This project funds the salary of a DNR LTE biologist who will compile and assist in final report preparation. WQ Biologists have collected four years of physical, chemical, and biological data from over 40 waters in the Penokees. The reports for this area

Jon Kleist is completing the water chemistry monitoring spring 2018 (4 events from 5 sites). Jon Kleist, Tom Aartila, Joe Cunningham, and Jeff Jackson will complete this project.


This five-year, comprehensive study of the state's most pristine waters provides an invaluable and unique snapshot of Wisconsin's high quality water resources. This dataset is of tremendous value, as it may be used to evaluate potential change from anthropocentric sources of contaminants, as well as provide insight into a better understanding of the state's highest quality waters for the proposed Designated Use water quality standards rules. The information is also timely and useful for teh departments emerging Healthy Watersheds Initiative, rpcondition

This project has generated a large amount of baseline data from three watersheds in the Penokees. This information will be an important component for any future development activities in the area. In particular, proposed mining operations will have a robust baseline ambient conditions for supporting potential Environmental Impact processes, water quality/sediment/mining/wetland/wastewater permit reviews and potential wetland migration work.

Over the past five years, a wide array of physical, chemical and biological data has has been collected data has been collected from over 40 sites in these three watersheds including fish and habitat, water chemistry data (low level metals, nutrients, etc.) and macroinvertebrate data. These data include WDNR project data as well as EPA funded data collections.


A final report will be written by December 31, 2017. This project will facilitate that outcome. Provide a summary sentence describing the project outcome.

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Fifth year of minimally disturbed water resources ambient data collection: fish, macro-invertebrate, chemistry, habitat, physical, and land use data.