Green Bay AOC Wildlife Consumption Advisory Assessment


Based on historical data, we will sample species similar to those collected during the WDNR’s original contaminants monitoring program conducted in the 1980’s. Resident mallards and resident Canada geese will be collected at each site. Although Canada geese are not listed on any of the current consumption advisories within the WI AOCs, the fact they are resident and not migratory will make them a good indicator of the levels of contamination in a given area. Ten samples of each species from each location will be collected each year for three consecutive years. Locations that will be sampled include the Fox River from the Neenah dam to Kaukauna as well as the lower Fox River from the DePere dam to lower Green Bay


1. Evaluate concentrations of legacy contaminants in waterfowl within the lower Green Bay/Fox River AOC. 2. Determine if any existing waterfowl consumption advisories can be removed or whether any new advisories are necessary.


Evaluate status of consumption advisories and determine when BUI may be removed

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