Averil Creek-New Wood River Targeted Watershed Assessment, Lincoln County


The New Wood River and four of its tributaries in Lincoln County will be monitored to further document the high quality of these systems. Previous sampling has indicated four sites as having excellent paired fish and macroinvertebrate IBIs. They appear to be excellent candidates for applying the protection tier for tiered aquatic life uses (TALU). The New Wood watershed is a highly undeveloped (app. 98%), well protected watershed with large tracts of public and private forest lands. I propose to conduct fish surveys, collect macroinvertebrate samples, and conduct qualitative habitat assessments at 7 sites (see attached map). Water quality data will also be collected at the 7 sites. These sampIes will include nutrients, TSS, and the field parameters temp, D.O., pH, specific conductance, transparency and stream discharge. I also propose collecting 6 monthly growing season (May-Oct) nutrient and TSS samples at the mouth of the New Wood River and at Averill Creek at CTH-E. Diatom samples will also be collected at the growing season sites. Jim Klosiewski will be the lead biologist for the project. Surveys include: 2 stations on the New Wood River (WBIC 1497900), stations 10021833, 10009244 2 station on Averill Creek (WBIC 1498300), stations 10034423, 10034424 1 station on the Center Fork New Wood River (WBIC 1501000), station 10034427 1 station on Kelly Creek (WBIC 1498300), station 10034425 1 station on New Wood Creek (WBIC 1501200), station 10034430


The objective of the project is to further document the high quality of the water resources of the New Wood River Watershed as laid out in the TALU process.


1. There will be 7 sample sites 2. There will be 4 sampling events in FY16 and 10 sampling events in FY17 3. Sampling completion date will be November 30, 2016. 4. Complete entry of all data in the database will be done upon receiving macroinvertebrate data from UWSP and or UW Superior. 5. The final report should written by the end of May 2017. 6. Data will entered into SWIMS and the FHDB. 7. Person responsible for entry will be Jim Klosiewski

Study Design

See Purpose section above.

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