LITTLE MUSKEGO LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Containment & Suppression of Starry Stonewort #2


The Little Muskego Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District, in partnership with the City of Muskego, the Little Muskego Lake Association and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, will undertake a second rapid response project on Little Muskego Lake to control Starry Stonewort, listed in NR 40 as a prohibited species. The project will include hand pulling by snorkeling; DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting) in Hillview Bay (focusing on the peninsula area) and hand removal of approximately 10 satellite locations by SNUBA. The project deliverable will be a report containing maps denoting where the Starry Stonewort was hand pulled, removed by DASH and removed by SNUBA/hand pulling. The report will also provide a table listing the dates of removal, approximate times, hours of removal, number of staff and which of the three methods was used.

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