WASHINGTON COUNTY: Containment & Suppression of Starry Stonewort


Washington County Planning and Parks Division, in partnership with the Silver Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, will undertake a rapid response project on Silver Lake to control and potentially eradicate Starry Stonewort, listed in NR 40 as a prohibited species. The project will include hand pulling by snorkeling and diving; DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting); Clean Boats, Clean Waters boat inspections at the public launch and the Yacht Club launch; a Fall 2015 P/I plant survey; meandering shoreline snorkel plant survey; extra signage at launches and potentially a chemical treatment. The project deliverable will be a report containing the results of each hand pulling event; results of the DASH event, results of any chemical treatments (if applicable), a summary of the Clean Boats, Clean Waters accomplishments, all raw data from plant surveys and maps from each of the plant surveys. All Clean Boats, Clean Waters data must be entered in the statewide SWIMS database.

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