Citizen Water Level Monitoring - Archibald Lake - Calibration


Citizen volunteers lake level measurements by visually reading a staff gage, which is scale (made out of enameled steel and marked in feet and tenths) placed in the lake bed to show the elevation of the water surface. The staff gage is calibrated by referencing the numbered height on the gage to the surveyed elevation of the water surface at the time of installation (Harrelson et al., 1994). Volunteers will also enter their lake level data into the Surface Water Integrated Monitoring System (SWIMS) database. Trained professionals will install the staff gage and perform all surveys (following installation, mid-season, and at removal) of the staff gage. They will also be responsible for removing the gage and entering all survey data into SWIMS each year.

Study Design

This gage is fitted with a unique ID - "WI2010" which allows anyone to text water levels and participate in data collection.

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Citizen Lake Monitoring
Water Level Monitoring - Calibration
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Citizen Water Level Monitoring - Archibald Lake - Calibration