TAYLOR COUNTY: Monitoring & Organization for Taylor Co. Waterways


The Taylor County Land Conservation Department will lead an effort to educate the public on water resources, establish a citizen based stream monitoring network, conduct stream monitoring, and organize a county wide waterway association. Specific activities will be to: * Develop partner organization to support and complete the project. * Establish citizen based stream monitoring program and conduct monitoring. * Conduct educational and monitoring training for interested participants. * Advocate for the formation of new local river organizations in Taylor County. Specific products or deliverables will include: * Stream monitoring data and GIS maps of monitoring locations. * Published results of the education and monitoring activities. * A final public informational meeting to encourage continuation of river protection activities.

QA Measures

Run Project Summary Report

River Grant
River Planning Grant
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
Conduct training, gather data and GIS from monitoring locations
Engage Volunteers in Monitoring/Restoration
Conduct training, gather data and GIS from monitoring locations