West Twin TMDL Monitoring - NER_08_CMP08


This is an ongoing project begun in 2006. Phosphorus and Sediment TMDLs have been determined to be needed on the West Twin Watershed. This project will collect the necessary data to develop a TMDL for the West Twin River.


West Twin River: Required monitoring to complete a NPS TMDL. The West Twin River is on the impaired waters list. Pollutant is phosphorus. Impairment is dissolved oxygen. Classification is Cold II, but existing use is WWSF. Central Office staff will write the TMDL plan utilizing the data collected through this effort.


A TMDL plan will be written using the water chemistry data collected and USGS flow data to address the phosphorus and sediment impairment of the West Twin River.

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Summary report of monitoring conducted on the West Twin River between the Devils River/Neshota River and the river mouth in Two Rivers.
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