Nemadji GIS Habitat Assessment


Saint Mary's Univeristy of Minnesota (SMUMN) will identify priority habitat restoration and protection sites in the Nemadji watershed based on GIS analysis.


Identify priority areas for habitat restoration and protection sites in the Nemadji Watershed based on GIS analysis that includes input from stakeholders on priorities


The following deliverables will be completed by Saint Mary's University of Minnesota by April 2017. 1. Compilation of relevant datasets required for analyses below. 2. Geodatabase and Grid of high-resolution Nemadji River Network derived form LiDAR bare earth model. 3. Geodatabase and grid of existing ditch networks in the Area of Concern based on LiDAR bare earth model and imagery interpretation. 4. 2015 Open Space Analysis based on Point-cloud derived canopy density(2015 LiDAR data) and/or photointerpretation of 0-15 year age class forests (Landsat data). 5. Completion of the Functional Wetland Assessment (FWA) in the Minnesota portion of the watershed. This project will build off of previous work that was done as part of a functional wetland assessment for Douglas County in Wisconsin. 6. The final deliverables for the FWA for the Minnesota portion of the Nemadji watershed include a geodatabase containing all wetlands and their functional attributes (NWI and LLWW) as well as a geodatabase containing potentially restorable wetlands. 7. Landscape and stream geomorphic characteristic grids will be derived from the LiDAR bare earth model. 8. Culmulative Stream Stressor Analysis, which includes weighting selected stressors by the area of that stressor accumulated at any point along the stream, and overlaying those stressors for a cumulative multi-stressor analysis. 9. Conduct pre- and/or post- analysis site visit as needed to verify remote data, photo interpretation, and classification. Sites for two site visits will be pre-selected through an examination of projectaerial imagery in conjunction with specific project needs that must be addressed.

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