Nemadji River Implementation Planning


The Nemadji watershed is part of the St. Louis River AOC because of accelerated erosion and sedimentation in the watershed due to land use practices dating back to the mid-1800's. The Namadji Basin is also prone to high sediment loads due to its natural geologic setting. The lower third of the basin is situated in extremely clay-rich glaciolacustrine soils that are prone to erosion and mass wasting. In this naturally sediment-rich system, sedimentation issues related to historic land use changes are very difficult to distinguish from normal processes, and an increase in precipitation event intensity due to a changing climate compounds the question further. Additional assessments currently being conducted include calculation of a modern sediment load, modeling historic sediment loads, and fish biota assessments. These additional studies will help inform the prioritization of implementation activities. Douglas County will implement the objectives of the projects in the Nemadji Basin Plan.


Douglas County will develop a watershed implementation plan that promotes a watershed-based land use-planning approach to stormwater runoff management, and will initiate implementation of that plan. This will include a two-pronged implementation planning effort which will include coordination of a Wisconsin stakeholders group, and identification of landowners interested in implementing best management practices on their property and matching funding sources or technical resources. Work with the Wisconsin stakeholder group will focus on education about the recommendations of the Nemadji Basin Plan including best management practices for slowing the flow. Work with the watershed landowners will focus on encouraging watershed stewardship and identifying opportunities for landowners to apply best management practices on their properties. While implementing this scope of work, Douglas Coutny will communicate and coordinate with Carlton County SWCD to the maximum extent possible.


Douglas County will produce the following outcomes with coordination by the Douglas County Nemadji River Watershed Coordinator. 1. A developed implementation strategy for the Nemadji Basin. 2. Local stakeholders and resource managers with an improved understanding of watershed principles and increased knowledge of watershed stressors. these stakeholders will apply the tools and knowledge gained thorugh this effort in their own professions. Ongoing coordination of this group following the completion of this project may be warranted in order to pursue additional opportunities identified by stakeholders to improve water quality in the Nemadji Watershed, pending future funding from other sources. 3. Identify 3-5 landowners and associated cost-share or funding opportunities or technical resources in order to implement best management practices to improve water quality in the Nemadji Watershed.

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