MARATHON COUNTY: Manure Storage Abandonments-BEP


To cost-share closure of 11 abandoned manure storage facilities within the Big Eau Pleine River basin in order to satisfy NOIs writen for violations of the performance standards and prohibitions dealing with prevention of overflow from manure storage facilities and prevention of direct runoff from a feedlot or stored manure into waters of the state.

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NPS Grant
Targeted Runoff - Rural Construction
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Grant Awarded
Grantee is MARATHON COUNTY, not geolocated
Cost-Share Agreement
Verlyn Wittlinger, 2770 STH 29, Abbotsford, WI 54405
Cost-Share Agreement
Robert Schurman Farm, W3968 Pioneer Drive, Edgar, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Kayo Pope Farm, 3371 County Line Road, Stetsonville, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Jamey and Lisa Meador Farm, W4170 Hilldale Drive, Edgar, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Edward and Kathleen Graff Farm, 5957 Bruckerville Avenue, Stetsonville, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Dan Graff Farm, 6059 Bruckerville Avenue, Stetsonville, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Melvin Gingerich Farm, C1834 Big Rapids Rd, Stratford, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Allen and Carol Duvall Farm, H2927 Huckleberry Road, Colby, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Carl Dommer Farm, H3113 CTH N, Colby, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Kenneth Bohman Farm, W3751 STH 97, Stratford, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Arlyn Bastman Farm, C3797 River Road, Stratford, WI
Cost-Share Agreement
Sandra Asplund Farm, F2491 CTH N, Colby, WI
Runoff Grant - Targeted Runoff Rural
11 sites total