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Reports and Documents
Groundwater Interactions with Surface Water in Dane County
Economy of Cranes
Hydrology Chronology of a Peat Mound in Dane County Southern Wisconsin
Searching for the Source: The Origin of Deep Spring in the Lower Lake Waubesa Wetlands. Nitrate and chloride concentrations from a variety of locations were analyzed to determine the source of a high-flow spring near Lake Waubesa in southern Wisconsin. These figures indicate chloride and nitrate concentrations decrease as depth below the ground surface increases and suggest the spring's source likely originates the upper bedrock aquifer.
Present in Waubesa Wetlands, in the Great Fen: Sticky False Asphodel
General strategies and tools for preservation have been applied to Waubesa Wetlands, 4 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. Strategies include: individual and organized private ownership; land-use inventories, plans and ordinances; and acquisition by purchase, gift and easement. Tools include: quid pro quo and management agreements; first rights of refusal; “crazy-quilt” ownership patterns; and reverter clauses. Local wetland preservation has positive Impacts upon wetland preservation generally and should be widely used.
Estimation and Extrapolation of Climate Normals and Climatic Trends