LAWRENCE UNIVERSITY: Effectiveness of AIS Decontamination Procedures


Lawrence University proposes to test the effectiveness of (AIS) decontamination protocols being considered for eliminating small-bodied aquatic invertebrates (Asiatic clam, New Zealand mud snail, spiny waterfleas w/& without resting eggs) sampling gear used by DNR staff. Specimens collected from known source locations in WI & dedicated collection equipment used for each site so as not to spread AIS between sites. Scientific collector permits obtained & local DNR staff notified when specimens are being collected. Collection equipment decontaminated using current best practices (DNR Manual Code 918301). Experiments assess efficacy of different treatment solutions (Virkon, bleach, hot water/steam and salt water) & methods (spraying to saturation &immersion) in controlling AIS on different types of common field equipment. Each group of organisms tested acclimated to lab temperature water for a period of time, exposed to spray or immersion & moved to a recovery bath to determine the percent of survival. At least three contact times tested for each organism x treatment solution combination &additional contact time trials added until 100% mortality is reached. Waterfleas w/eggs and with resting eggs tested to determine efficacy of decontamination in control reproductive propagules. Study; direct oversight by the Dept Tech/Decontamination Team liaisons (Maureen Ferry, Susan Knight, Kris Stepenuck and Scott Van Egeren) & biannual check-in meetings with an annual progress reports presented staff. Initial meeting with Dept liaisons before project work begins. Deliverables: progress & final reports to DNR, ranking efficacy of the different treatment techniques, presentations of results. Results presented at the WI Lakes Convention (poster or oral presentation) and published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Final rept: results, conclusions, project data from studies. The Grantee provides DNR w/draft for comment on report adequacy, prior to requesting final payment.

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