MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY: Temporal genetic monitoring of watermilfoil resistance


Assess the population genetics of watermilfoil species (Myriophyllum spicatum, Myriophyllum sibiricum and M. sibiricum x spicatum) both before and after herbicide treatment. Grand Valley State University (GVSU) will colaborate project and complete the molecular biotype (ITS) analysis of milfoil specimens. If particular genetic clones of EWM, if hybrid milfoil have increased tolerance to herbicides , if evidence of the evolution of herbicide resistance due to genetic variability among the clones. Watermilfoil and abundance data will be collected using standard point-intercept (P-I) aquatic plant surveys - one a year before / other the summer/fall (2015) or year after (2016) treatment. The P-I surveys will be a collaborative effort between DNR and GVSU staff. Milfoil specimens collected from each point containing milfoil during each P-I survey. Molecular biotype (ITS) and genetic fingerprinting (AFLP) analyses will be conducted on 1-3 milfoil specimens per sampling point. The pre and post monitoring genetic biotype data will be statistically analyzed for differences in distribution and abundance from before to after herbicide treatment. The genetic fingerprinting data will be statistically tested for non-random genetic changes in watermilfoil populations at the genotype level. Appropriate statistical techniques will be used to assess genotype changes depending on the genetic diversity of the pre and post treatment milfoil populations in each lake. Studies will happen with oversight of the Department Lakes Technical Team liaison and biannual check-in meetings, annual progress reports will be presented. The first check-in meeting before the project work begins. Results will be shared at professional meetings & published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Final report will include results, conclusions of studies, any project data in electronic format. It is recommended that the Grantee provide DNR liaison with a draft report prior to requesting final payment.

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