Northern District Follow Up Monitoring for Impairment Decisions 2015


Follow Up monitoring at sites where our data suggests that there might be an impairment but we do not have the minimum data requirements to make an impairment decisions based on WisCALM guidance.


Impairment decisions on selected streams and lakes for Wisconsin's Impaired Waters list, 303(d).

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Many of Wisconsin’s water quality standards require multiple visits to make an assessment decision. Every year, several stream sites are monitored and the field data collected during each visit are used to “flag” problem waters. In the next year, follow up monitoring is carried out on the “flagged” waters where the data suggest there is an impairment, but there are insufficient data to make that determination based on the State’s minimum data requirements. In 2015, Water Action Volunteers stream monitors who live nearby the recommended follow up sites were asked to assist in the monitoring process by collecting water samples to be analyzed for total phosphorus at the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene.