PICKEREL CHAIN LAKES ASSOCIATION: Pickerel Chain Mngt Plan, Pickerel Lake Phase


The Pickerel Chain Lake Association proposes to complete a Comprehensive Management Plan on Pickerel Lake during the period 2015-2017. The project elements and deliverables are specified in the Pickerel Chain Lake Association\2019s Lake Protection Grant application, dated December 9, 2014. The elements of the grant project include:(a) An assessment of the lake's historical water quality, including at least one year of current base line limnological data. (b) An identification of the water quality problems or threats to lake water quality including degradation of fish habitat and wetlands caused by nonpoint sources of pollution in the watershed. (c) An assessment of the lake's fishery and aquatic habitat including the extent of the lake area covered by aquatic plants and a characterization of the shoreline habitat and any known ecological relationships. (d) An identification of the need for the protection and enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat, endangered resources, aesthetics or other natural resources. (e) An assessment of the lake's watershed including: 1. A description of land uses listing each land use classification as a percentage of the whole and an estimate of the amount of nonpoint pollution loading produced by each category. 2. Identification and ranking of the most significant nonpoint source types and contributing areas. 3. A listing of known point sources of pollution affecting the lake or that have affected the lake. 4. A characterization of the habitat conditions and any known ecological relationships. NR 191.45(2)(f) (f) thru NR 191.45(2)(f)(N) The project also includes conducting Point Intercept surveys using the DNR Aquatic Plant Treatment Evaluation Protocol http://www4.uwsp.edu/cnr/uwexlakes/ecology/APM/Appendix-D.pdf , in addition to lake bathymetry mapping.

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A draft for the comprehensive management plan of the Pickerel Chain of Lakes in Oconto County. The Pickerel Chain of Lakes includes: Pickerel Lake, Little Pickerel Lake, and Smoke Lake. These lakes feed into Pickerel Creek, this creek eventually meets up with the North Branch of the Oconto River.
Appendix for the Pickerel Chain of Lakes Management Project Kick-off Meeting. Many of the documents included appear to slides from a presentation given at the kick-off meeting.
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Grant LPL-1569-15 awarded
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