FLORENCE COUNTY: Florence County AIS Prevention & Management Program


Florence County will implement a county-wide invasive species prevention and management strategy focusing on preventing further AIS introduction into outstanding and exceptional waters of Florence County. AIS absence/presence monitoring will be conducted in water bodies located within the county that are both AIS free and AIS source waters. Efforts to protect lakes, river and wetlands from invasive species impacts will be coordinated with formal partners and members of the Wild Rivers Invasive Species Coalition, additional County Departments and supporting agencies, Lake Associations and volunteers. Project goals: 1) Develop AIS Control Plan; 2) Provide local AIS education; 3) Provide statewide AIS education; 4) Prevent the spread if AIS; 5) Conduct early detection monitoring. Project deliverables include: 1) A professional level monitoring report and map about the presence or absence of aquatic invasive and native species; 2) An AIS management plan(s) that meets the specifications of s. NR 198.43(1); 3) A regional (county or town-wide) AIS strategic plan; 4) Map AIS findings. Specific conditions for this Project: 1) The WDNR would like to review a written progress report quarterly; 2) The WDNR would like to review a draft of all final reports; 3) The WDNR will be provided electronic and hard copies of all data and or reports/plans generated as a result of this project.

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