RIVER ALLIANCE OF WISCONSIN: Statewide Riverine AIS Education, Prevention and Planning


The River Alliance of Wisconsin plans to conduct a statewide project including education, monitoring, partnership building and planning to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Deliverables are detailed in the application. In general activities they will direct include Project RED, AIS Bridge Snapshop Day, Wader wash stations, kiosk and boat landing signage installation and maintenance, serving on planning committees and teams, and assisting with species-specific planning efforts. Outreach efforts include videos produced for online viewing, newsletter articles, press releases, and technical consultation and support with partner groups.

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Aquatic Invasives Grant
Aquatic Invasives Education
Reports and Documents
The following attached repott outlines the deliverables met for grant AEPP-446-15. For the purposes of this interim grant payment request, I have summarized activities carried out through the entirety of the grant, including a full list of ontreach presentations and publications. During this grant period, the Statewide AlS Program Director position was filled by two individuals, Jeremy Jones and Amanda Perdzock, with a vacancy occurring in the position fi·om November 2016 until April20 16. During this interim period, additional River Alliance staff assisted with duties associated with the grant, however, a few deliverables were not met due to the timing of the vacancy. Deliverables that were not met during the grant period are included in this repmt, along with an estimation of when these deliverables will be completed.
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Grant Awarded
Grant AEPP-446-15 awarded