A Proposal to Continue and Grow Community Partnerships for Monitoring the Sheboygan River AOC 2015


With all tier-1 management actions implemented, the Sheboygan River AOC is considered to be in the “healing phase”. Evaluation and monitoring are the main focus during this time of healing, in order to determine when BUI’s can be removed and the Sheboygan River eventually delisted as a Great Lakes Area of Concern. To accomplish the goals of keeping the community’s interest, to continue to build understanding and support through the delisting process, to support the accumulation of a Sheboygan River ecological database, and to promote citizen-led stewardship, funding is required annually to manage volunteer, citizen-based monitoring and stewardship. This projects sets a framework for programming that focuses on citizen-based monitoring and citizen stewardship reflective of activities and recommendations in the Rapid Ecological Assessment for the Sheboygan River Area of Concern, March 2012.


Following recommendations in the 2012 Rapid Ecological Assessment, citizen-based monitoring was piloted by UW-Extension in 2013 and 2014 for birds, bird boxes, bats, and frogs and toads. Invasive plant control via citizen volunteers was also piloted. This proposal aims to continue and expand the coordinated citizen-based monitoring and stewardship focus of community programming regarding the Sheboygan River AOC.

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