Determining the status of fish populations in the Lower Fox River/Green Bay AOC


Degraded fish and wildlife populations is listed as one of the BUIs for the Lower Fox River AOC. In the context of being an AOC and the remedial goals of the program, there is a need to empirically determine whether the fisheries community in the AOC is meeting a remedial or C level (or better). A well-established way of informing this need is to use indices of biotic integrity (IBI). This project proposes that in 2015 data collection, in accordance with established large-river IBI monitoring protocols, begins so that an empirical assessment of the aquatic ecosystem can begin.


Develop quantitative targets for fish populations ahead of sampling. Begin obtaining fish assemblage data that can be used to calculate fish IBIs starting in summer 2015. The lower seven miles of the Fox River would be assessed in reaches of 1 mile (per large-river IBI monitoring protocols). Data will be entered to SWIMS and WDNR Fish Database.


IBIs in the mainstem of the Fox were all well below the poor/fair threshold. This indicates that the habitat and water quality conditions are severely impaired. It is also unlikely that work in the mainstem will be sufficient enough to move the scores sufficiently into the 'fair' category. Work in the tributaries is more likely to yield results that can be detected, as opposed to work in the mainstem, for fish populations.

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