Bay Beach Monitoring


Beach Closings is listed as impaired for the Lower Fox River/Green Bay AOC. One of the beaches that is included in that impairment is Bay Beach, which has been closed for several decades. Recently, Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission has been working with the City of Green Bay on a plan to restore the beach so that it can once again be used as a swimming beach by the public. The City of Green Bay is supportive of restoring the beach. Because it hasn’t been used as a swimming beach in a long time, the beach has not been included in routine beach monitoring that the county health department was conducting (this monitoring has largely been discontinued by the county because of funding cuts). Consequently, there is a data gap for E. coli at that location. Bay-Lake RPC has monitored the beach for the last three years, including E. coli monitoring, through a grant they received to explore restoring Bay Beach, but that grant has ended, meaning that the normal five years of monitoring data that is desirable will be unavailable. It would be beneficial to continue collecting data so that we can approach the restoration knowing whether it’s likely the beach would meet current water quality standards.


This project requests funds to continue sampling and bolster the longer-term data set to determine whether the beach may have any water quality issues.


Monitoring results were uploaded into the WI Beach Health site and are available there. Consequently, they will not be entered in SWIMS.

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Lab forms from Brown County Health Department for summer 2015 monitoring. All raw data can be found in the WI Beach Health website.