Aesthetics Monitoring Coord. LTE for Lower Fox River Green Bay


Degraded aesthetics is listed as an impairment for the AOC. The volunteer monitoring program has been running for the last three years to help assess the impairment. In 2014, DNR revised the monitoring protocols. As part of that, a larger sample size of volunteers is needed in order to adequately assess the impairment. This project requests funds for program implementation and coordination in the AOC for 2015.


The funding proposed is to fund an LTE (“aesthetics coordinator”) to implement and coordinate the program in 2015. Tasks of the LTE would include: •Volunteer recruitment and coordination •Certifying/training any volunteers in monitoring protocols (instead of doing this in training sessions, we are planning to use a web-based training module) •Data form quality control •Data entry of completed and QCed forms into SWIMS •Potentially accompanying volunteers to monitoring stations where volunteers have reported feeling unsafe (this needs to be assessed; there have been reports that some of the volunteers have felt uncomfortable going to certain monitoring stations because of their location)

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Proposal for Aesthetics Monitoring Project Coordinator LTE for Lower Green Bay Fox River AOC for 2015