Directed Lakes 2015 Gauthier Kreitlow


In response to new AIS discoveries or management actions, Northern District Lake staff conduct PI surveys to establish a baseline on six lakes. We will also conduct a national lakes habitat survey on two lakes and collect TSI baseline data on five lakes.


Once a new AIS discovery is made we feel it is important to conduct a baseline PI survey of the plant community. This is needed prior to any management activities so we can determine what changes to the native plant community may have occurred. In 2015 we will conduct baseline surveys on 6 water bodies. PI work will be done on Spread Eagle Chain (4 lakes) (Florence County), Brandy Lake (Vilas County), Turtle Flambeau Flowage (Iron County). We anticipate a similar number of lakes to be monitored in 2016-17. TSI sampling (5 lakes) and National Lakes Assessment Habitat survey work (2 lakes) will also be conducted to gather baseline information.


A final summary report (including PI data) will be written for each lake the winter following the sampling.

Study Design

Department Point Intercept Protocol will be followed on each lake. Standard protocols for the National Lakes Assessment ant TSI monitoring will be followed.

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