Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC Video


We will produce a 3-4 minute mini-documentary with interviews of local partners and long-time residents outlining the history of the value, contamination and cleanup of Lower Green Bay and Fox River. This topic should appeal to a wide range of people and will document the progress that has been made while acknowledging current challenges. The video will be made available on the WDNR Office of the Great Lake’s webpage on the DNR’s YouTube channel. The video may also be shown at other venues including, CAC meetings, CAC outreach events, the Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Areas of Concern Meetings, community events, and other AOC events.


Central office staff will assist in video development, filming, editing, and final production. Jo Temte will assist with planning and script development, Mary Farmiloe and her assistants will perform filming and editing duties. Local partners will provide support through interviews. Filming and interviews will take place in the spring or summer of 2014. A final product will be ready by fall 2014. UPDATE June 2016: Decided to change the focus of the story from the PCB cleanup to the Cat Island Chain success story. See additional details regarding the project timeline in the comments box below.

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